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I Promise I’m Not a Murderer: The Story of a Researching Writer

now with a sequel:
I Swear I’m Not Pregnant, I’m Just Naming Characters

Don’t forget: I’m not Trying to Break Into This Building, I Just Need to Know the Layout of it

And the ever appealling: I’m Not Planning on Killing Myself, I Just Need to Know How a Character Could Commit Suicide Whilst Making it Look Like a Murder

I recommend
I’m Not a Terrorist, I Just Need to Know How a Criminal Mastermind Would Properly Construct a Bomb

And my personal favourite
I Swear I’m Not Sick I Just Like Making Characters Suffer By Giving Them Deadly Diseases

And keep in mind:
I Am Not Looking to Buy a Firearm Myself, Just Want to Know How One Could Go About Obtaining One

And of course
I’m not a stalker I just am planning a surprise party for you so I need to know where your house is and which room is yours

Also:I’m Not On Drugs I Don’t Know Someone On Drugs And I’m Not Looking To Buy Some I Just Need To Know How Someone Would Go About Getting Them And What The Effects Would Be

And another:
I Am Not Converting to Satanism I’m Just Researching These Rituals and Mythologies For Writing Purposes